I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

The Top Regrets

The book ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’ by Bronnie Ware is one I return to often. Many of you are likely to have heard me quote from it in my writing, talks and client sessions. One of the five common regrets of the dying identified by Ware from her time as a palliative care nurse is ‘I wish I’d let myself be happier’.

What would you do if you let yourself be happier? Perhaps:

  • Read more books
  • See friends more
  • Stop working long hours 
  • Enjoy more baths

Common themes running through the above examples are: 

  1. Making time for yourself
  2. Deciding that you are important and prioritising your happiness and enjoyment (fun and laughter are good for us) 
  3. Doing more of what you want to do and less of what you feel you need, should or ought to do (within reason of course!)

Another common regret identified by Ware in her work is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’. Put these two regrets together and you have a clear theme: a balanced life.

As a change from me supplying the tips here, this month you doing the work! Ask yourself the question:

What could I do to let myself be happier tonight, over the weekend and also this coming week? 

  • Rather than trying to answer this question straight away, put it to the back of your mind and see what comes up
  • Don’t discard any way-out answers straight away. Let them sit with you a little while and then to see if you want to follow through with any
  • Letting yourself be happier doesn’t need to involve big work or life changes. Very often little changes can make a big difference.

If you, or anyone you know, would like help to carve out the life you want now, get in touch today for an informal telephone chat to find out more. 

What a relaxing, inspiring and thought-provoking day spent with Clare…I feel positive, excited and curious about the future…I now feel ready and equipped to truly understand what I really want from my life. 

– AM, EDINBURGH (attending my Own Your Year workshop)

Photo courtesy of Negative Space