Fear worse than death

From Speaking to Teaching Last Sunday evening I taught my first yoga class as a qualified yoga teacher. For those who read my newsletter, you’ll know that I recently completed a Yoga Teacher Training course to complement my existing health and wellbeing coaching and hypnotherapy services (see my sister brand, Think Healthy Be Healthy) with...
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Too Much Too Young

Young People and Stress It’s that time of year! For the millions of students and senior school pupils this time of year means only one thing: looming exams.  In this month’s blog post I ask: Are our young people weighed down with the world of worries before they are even out of education? Are we...
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The Curse of Perfection

The Curse of Perfection All or nothing thinking Black or white decision making Doing things perfectly or not at all Is striving for perfection really a problem? Surely doing one’s best is commendable? Perfectionist tendencies are something I see a lot of in my work. This habit of striving for perfection is more common in...
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