I am passionate about coaching and the benefits it offers.

I also use powerful techniques of neuro-lingual programming (NLP) and, where desired, hypnotherapy (beneficial for confidence, stress, public speaking and other performance issues) to provide a structured, focused and results-oriented approach change and improvement.

Amazing as they are, being firmly rooted in the psychology of the brain, there’s nothing strange about the techniques I use (what can be considered strange is us all spending all our years of life learning about everything else but, how we work!).

Choose from my Career Clarity Programme , standalone Breakthrough Session or a Bespoke Programme of Support to suit your individual needs and budget. 

My Career Clarity Programme offers a focused personalised programme of support to clients of all ages on a diverse range of career related issues.

My intensive Breakthrough Session is a 2 hour intensive session which for many standalone issues is suffice.  

Programmes and sessions are on a one-to-one basis and can be in person or by telephone/Skype (many clients opt for the latter, citing it as cost-effective, time-efficient and highly-focused).

For further details or to fix a chat to let you ‘try before you buy’, email me at nurtureHR.